How Big Brands are Smartly Measuring Consumer Experiences and Reviewing the Results

A big part of making decisions is grounding them in reality. There has to be a reason or a justification for making a certain decision. The best decisions have a basis in the data. The data tells the story of how to proceed. It is less a matter of making a big decision than it is finding the resources and learning the language of the data. It is all there in the customer reports, the website analytics, and more. It just takes a bit of effort to read, analyze, and take action on.

The best marketing companies know the power of data and measuring customer experience. Companies can base their decisions on what the information says, and that is important. There are three distinct ways to utilize the data of measured experiences. Visit today for more information on the measurement of data and why it is such a valuable tool.

Mystery Shoppes: The Shopping Experience

Retail companies have the distinct advantage over online shops with the use of mystery shoppers. Mystery shoppers are extremely useful for offering a viewpoint directly (and quite literally) from the eyes of the consumer. A mystery shopper sits with a “day in the life of a customer.” He or she experiences it as the customer does, for good or bad. It’s an incredible tool to gather data.

Online Surveys

The advantage of online surveys for looking at the customer experience is their speed and efficiency. The information may not be very rich at the individual level. But, a collective number of reports and surveys could paint a broad picture. They can ask details on satisfaction, what works best, and more. Online surveys, if allocated properly and designed to ask the right questions, are incredibly useful tools.

Competition Assessment

What better place to gather data than from a competitor? Companies can utilize competitor reports to make practical decisions about their own business. What is the competitor doing well and better? What could they improve? What are they doing that is relevant to their strengths and weaknesses?

Companies can take big steps by reviewing the competition. The website at can provide some clear answers for how to proceed in areas of competitor analysis, as well as mystery shopping and online surveys. Companies can take advantage of these tools with a smart customer measurement firm. The experience is everything. It can provide important details about how to take action, change a strategy, readjust course, or develop a full new campaign.